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People & Corona 2020 · 07. April 2020
We all miss people right now, family, friends, colleagues... What's difficult too due to Corona: long distance relationships. This is Leo from Cologne: 🧡

People & Corona 2020 · 05. April 2020
Corona around the globe. How does it change peoples lifes in Iceland? This is Micah from Reykjavik... stay safe everyone!

People & Corona 2020 · 03. April 2020
How does Corona affect people's life around the globe? Here's what Salma from Morocco says... stay safe everyone! <3

People & Corona 2020 · 27. März 2020
Arne, journalist and radio host from Norway in Corona home office...

People & Corona 2020 · 26. März 2020
Hey wildhearts! ❤ All of a sudden Corona has changed the world we knew. How do people from all over the world live now, how does Corona affect their lifes? Read this. Here is Bekah from Canada.

Janine travels · 30. Juni 2017
Ein Jahr quer durch Kanada - und beim WM Halbfinale gegen Brasilien sitze ich neben einem Bestsellerautor. Robin Esrock... schreibt super Reisesachen und ist der Erfinder der Great Canadian Bucket List!