Artikel mit dem Tag "Corona"

People & Corona 2020 · 10. April 2020
Marine's job is safe during the shutdown, she's a pastray chef working in a bakery in Marseille. The rules are not as strict as in Paris but of course, life has changed here too. This is Marine: 🧡

People & Corona 2020 · 07. April 2020
We all miss people right now, family, friends, colleagues... What's difficult too due to Corona: long distance relationships. This is Leo from Cologne: 🧡

People & Corona 2020 · 05. April 2020
Corona around the globe. How does it change peoples lifes in Iceland? This is Micah from Reykjavik... stay safe everyone!

People & Corona 2020 · 03. April 2020
How does Corona affect people's life around the globe? Here's what Salma from Morocco says... stay safe everyone! <3

People & Corona 2020 · 27. März 2020
Arne, journalist and radio host from Norway in Corona home office...