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People & Corona 2020 · 10. April 2020
Marine's job is safe during the shutdown, she's a pastray chef working in a bakery in Marseille. The rules are not as strict as in Paris but of course, life has changed here too. This is Marine: 🧡

People & Corona 2020 · 05. April 2020
Corona around the globe. How does it change peoples lifes in Iceland? This is Micah from Reykjavik... stay safe everyone!

People & Corona 2020 · 03. April 2020
How does Corona affect people's life around the globe? Here's what Salma from Morocco says... stay safe everyone! <3

People & Corona 2020 · 26. März 2020
Hey wildhearts! ❤ All of a sudden Corona has changed the world we knew. How do people from all over the world live now, how does Corona affect their lifes? Read this. Here is Bekah from Canada.